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Jan 22, 2020

It's already three weeks since the internship commenced and my project proposal was a little adjusted. My first task was to improve the UI of the app and I started of by redesigning the UI using Figma.

In the process of doing that. My mentor told me to pause the UI changes and labelled the issues on the project I am working on based on their order of priority. Within this time I have worked on 3 issues and sent Pull Request(PR) for them and I have also design about 10 screens for UI enhancement.

What were you stuck on?

One of the issues tagged as high-priority which relates to the BASE_URL not changing when trying to access a different URL using Kotlin Koin. It was quite challenging as I tried several options in solving the problem and the app was crashing. I was sent a link to go through which could be helpful in solving the problem but didn't really understand the concept of Koin scope. Still trying to understand Koin scope and hope to get through this issue soonest!

Why was it confusing or hard?

It was confusing because it's not something I had done before. Still doing research on it. What did you try that didn't work? I tried creating two separate Base Url for the different API request, and added another single api module. But it didn't work. I know it's not the best approach. Still searching for the best way to handle the issue.

Where did you search for help?

I seek help from my mentors. They shared a link. I studied the link and some other medium posts.

What resources did you find?

I found some guide on dynamically changing Base Url on runtime and guide on koin scope Were any of those resources out of date or confusing? The resources were not out of date. Though one of the resources made use of java while I am working with Kotlin.

Were you hesitant to reach out for help, and if so, why were you hesitant?

I was hesistant to reach out for help because I don't want to spend much time without getting solution to the problem which might affect the progress of the other task. What happened when you reached out for help? I got a clearer explanation of the confusing concept and how to go about it.

What would you tell someone who is worried about asking for help?

I would tell someone who is worried about asking for help to face their challenge with boldness. No one is above struggles. At one point or the other we are faced with challenging situations in life and at work. That does not mean you are weak or incapable it only shows readiness to grow and make progress!

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