My Career Goals - Taking it forward

Feb 17, 2020

The three months Outreachy Internship with Wikimedia Foundation has been a very impactful one for me. At the end of the internship I will be open for an internship, part-time/full-time job and volunteer opportunities with special interest in remote opportunities.

What types of work would you like to contribute to?

My experience at the internship made me realize I am more productive working remotely and it has helped to increase my love for open source. Going forward I would love to contribute to projects or work on projects that make use of the following languages Java/kotlin, Python and Django. These are the major languages I work with at the moment.

What tools or skills do you have that would help you with that work?

I am skilled in Android development using Java/Kotlin and backends with Python and Django. I am open to learning. I love acquiring new skills.

What tools or skills would you like to learn?

Later in the future I would love to learn React/React Native, Swift for IOS app development.

What interpersonal skills make you a collaborative team member?

I enjoy collaborating on a project and working in a team. I was able to improve on my communication skills, getting feedback and working on feedback, asking for help when the need arose, reaching out to help other team members and contributing my ideas to the overall success of the project during the course of the internship.

I identify as a she/her. I am a black African woman. A Nigerian to be precise. Am sure you know Nigerians are hard-working people :( .Been a woman in tech is not an easy feet. A lot has been done recently to bring women to top levels in tech, to increase the number of women in tech but the ratio of men to women is still nothing one can be very proud of. Joining a team where the ecosystem is flooded by men. I am sure will bring about diversity. Having a woman like me in your team will be a great plus :(.

What languages do you speak, and at what school grade level?

I speak English fluently, I am a graduate of Banking and Finance. I am a certified Android Developer. My degree courses have nothing to do with what I am currently doing in the tech space. I am passionate about contributing/building the tech space “One code at a time” and “One event at a time”. Spreading the good news about tech. We move…

Are you looking for a job, internship, a grant, a volunteer position, or some type of other opportunity?

I am open to Android job opportunites, Python and Django Jobs, Community Manager jobs, Volunteer opportunities, Working for non-profits, contributing to open source project, self-employed contractor. Both remote and onsite jobs(if it requires relcoation, will be willing to relocate) around the world. I am available to start from March 9 2020. My experience at the Outreachy 3 month remote internship, its a proof that can effectively handle remote jobs.

I look forward to the job calls/mails. If you know anyone that might need my service please do link me up.

Thanks for taking out time to read this post...

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