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Jan 10, 2020

In this post I will be writing about the Wikimedia Foundation and the project I am working on.

The Wikimedia foundation is a non-profit organization that provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. Wikimedia hosts Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, created, edited, and verified by volunteers around the world, as well as many other vital community projects. One of such community projects includes the Wiki Education Dashboard.

I intern with Wikimedia Foundation on Improvements and User Testing of Wiki Education Dashboard Android App

What kind of people participate in your community?

We have different kind of people in the Wikimedia community. We have software developers/engineers both web and mobile developers, community mangers, designers, content/Documentation writers. The Wikimedia Foundation have lovely people. People who love the community and are willing to contribute and volunteer their time, mentorship, resource and code to make sure things go well.

What problem is your community trying to solve?

The Wiki Education Dashboard is the main technical project of Wiki Education Foundation, a small non-profit .The Wiki Education Dashboard is a web application that supports Wikipedia and others — who are working on Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia wikis.

The Wikimedia foundation helps to make content available for everyone under the free licence common. They make educational resources available and easily accessable via the web and mobile applications by students and educators alike.

How does your project fit into the larger community? The Wiki Education Dashboard Android App app fit into the larger community because the Wiki Education platform is accessed by thousands of people. The platform provides opportunity for users to have access to courses, register for a course and make edits on their dashboard

Why would people want to use your project?

Wiki Education Dashboard provides data and course management features for groups of editors, instructors, students, and others who are working on Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia wikis. Users log in with their Wikipedia accounts (through OAuth) and allow the Dashboard to make edits on their behalf.

What makes you most excited to work on your project? I am very much excited to work on the project first because I love education. I am interested in a solution that helps to aid our educational system, research and development, access to vital statistical and data are now been made easy for everyone because of the Wikimedia projects and Wiki Educational resources.

What new terms or concepts have you learned in the past month?

I have learnt quite a lot working on Improvements and User Testing of Wiki Education Dashboard Android App. I learnt how MVP pattern works in android. Got work with kotlin more than ever and so practice clean coding, not just code that works but it has to be professional and follow good standard practice. I also got to understand MVVM, dependency Injection with koin, BuildSrc for managing dependencies in Android, Single Recyclerview Adapter and Coroutines.

What was confusing to you about the project?

At first I found it very confusing and challenging migrating from MVP to MVVM which is one of the goals for the internship period. It was kind of difficult for me because I had not worked with MVP design patterns before. But now I understand MVP architecture enough to migrate to MVVM architecture. I was able to come to that level of understanding through the help of online resources, sleepless nights of research and with the help of my mentors things was a lot easier for me.

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